Business Owner U™ is an educational series for business owners at any stage of a company’s life cycle. Whether you have just an idea percolating, or are ready to grow your current business, Business Owner U™ provides expert guidance to keep you in business and out of trouble.

Just as the President consults his Cabinet of subject matter experts, business owners must surround themselves with a team of advisors. At a minimum, this team should include a CPA, a banker, an insurance agent, and, of course, an attorney. (I know, *groan*.) Eventually you’ll bring a financial advisor into the mix to help you figure out what to do with your new wealth, and other more specialized consultants as your needs dictate. Because this team approach is so critical, and because no one wants to listen to a lawyer talk for long stretches, we’ll be enlisting the help of other experts to cover topics like business plans, accounting, understanding your insurance coverage, lending, and others.

We’ve broken up the offerings into three parts. The first, is geared toward those of you just starting out, and covers topics from testing the feasibility of your idea all the way through to getting your doors open.

The second module is tailored to business owners who have opened their doors and are experiencing some rough patches, are encountering new issues, or who are exploring other ways of positioning their companies for success.

The third is for those of you whose businesses are running like well-oiled machines. You have key employees in place and they’re loyal. You have implemented systems that are being followed and are creating efficiencies. Now, it’s time to explore what’s next.